What health outcome do you want?

The way we live our lives determines whether health or illness becomes the norm for us. Proactive healthcare – active health creation – mobilises people into a responsible and engaged relationship with their health and wellbeing.  

The hectic modern world can enable us to continue with bad habits which compromise our health. It can be easy to take a passive approach to health care, with little responsibility for the negative impacts of lifestyle choices on our health.

Life Energy

The powerful concept of Life Energy was developed by Dr Rosy Daniel, the first medical director of the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre and a renowned integrative physician, advocate and speaker.  

The definition of energy is ‘the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity’, and in physics energy is defined as ‘the capacity of a physical system to perform work and exert power’.

Dr Daniel defines Life Energy as ‘the vital energy that we have as individuals, teams and organisations to fuel our passions, fire our vision, unleash our creativity and drive our performance’. When our Life Energy is high, we can move mountains. We radiate health and wellbeing, inspire and energise others, reach our full potential in life, excel in business, and still have high energy to bring to our relationships and to achieving higher aspirational goals.  

But when Life Energy is low we become demotivated, sick and tired. Most of us are only living at around 50% of our potential Life Energy. As our energy level drops, so does our confidence, self-esteem and ability to achieve what we want in life.

Managing our Life Energy

We can learn (as individuals and as organisations) to recognise how our energy depleting thoughts and activities are depleting vital Life Energy, and how to replace these with behaviour and practices which dramatically raise Life Energy – giving us strength, awareness, resilience and power. Imagine how hugely this precious resource can impact our personal health, happiness and productivity – and for business leaders the performance and profitability of their businesses.

The Health Creation programme created by Dr Rosy Daniel

Health Creation is a positive approach to health and wellbeing that will move you out of passive dependence on healthcare into a proactive responsibility for the creation of your health. The 6-month interactive programme brings a profound process of personal change as you take control of your health and re-establish your life based on your most authentic values. You will be fully supported on this journey by a qualified Health Creation Mentor to support and empower you to make healthy changes. 

The programme is based upon 12 Health Creation Principles, three in each area of Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment. It will enable you to evaluate where you are currently taking good care, taking risks or are vulnerable, assess your present state and needs, and plan effective goals for positive change. A Health Creation Mentor will support you to work through resistance and blocks to change that have kept you stuck in old patterns, risking your health. As you grow better at making authentic, healthy choices, you will benefit from increased energy and improved health.

Whatever your personal circumstances, Health Creation will enable you to be stronger, more resilient and live an authentic life, fully expressed in your life, work and relationships. Find out more at www.healthcreation.co.uk.

Three free Health Creation programmes

Joanna Hill, the owner of Healthright, is a personal and business coach and health mentor, and she has recently completed her Health Creation Mentor academic studies. Joanna is offering three free of charge programmes including six hours’ mentorship in order to complete her case studies. Just call in at Healthright and leave your details. 

Healthright’s aim for 2022 is to help you improve your health naturally and safely.  

Come and ask us how. We look forward to seeing you very soon.