Food & Sensitivity Testing

The programme is designed to identify foods that you may have developed a sensitivity to, and is based on three important markers:

  • The frequency with which you eat each of the foods being tested.
  • Referral to our own ‘Guide to the Foods Most Commonly Implicated in Symptoms of Food Sensitivity’.
  • Results from using a small electronic machine to measure your body’s reaction to each of the foods being tested.

If all three markers show a positive result, then we recommend that you eliminate the food in question for a temporary period.

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This complementary therapy is also known as zone healing.

During a session, pressure is applied to specific ‘reflex’ points, which correspond to different organs of the body.

It is thought to help alleviate anxiety and relieve stress. Reflexology can also help relieve symptoms of pain from certain medical conditions.

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Reiki is a complementary therapy originating from Japan. 

Using a technique called hands-on healing or palm healing, Reiki practitioners are believed to be able to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal. 

It is a therapy that is thought to be able to help with improved management of symptoms and enhance wellbeing. 

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